AWS re:Invent: What Happened & What it Means for You

Couldn’t make it to the AWS 2018 re:Invent conference? Or maybe you attended and were overwhelmed by the number of sessions, product launches, and announcements? Let Armor filter through the noise and deliver you the most prominent themes coming to the public cloud in 2019. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Current best practices for AWS users and public cloud and upcoming changes in 2019
  • New features to pay attention to
  • Major themes presented at re:Invent and how those relate to leading industry research
  • How Armor and AWS, together, can help make cloud security simple for your organization

@gcluley According to research by @Armor a DDoS attack can be purchased $60/hour or $280/day. That is conservatively 377 days of no stop DDoS. That is about one day in prison for each day of #cyberattack.
#cybersecurity #DDoS #hacking #arrested

Governor John Bel Edwards said in a tweet that the state of Louisiana has once again the target of a ransomware attack. Since January, 2019 Armor has identified over 200 victims of publicly reported ransomware attacks.

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