Achieving Security + Compliance in a Healthcare World

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is essential to the cybersecurity of healthcare data and IT. HIPAA’s standards act as a baseline for a security program to meet the most minimal protections against ransomware and other cyber threats. Yet, most healthcare organizations are unsure if their existing program is both completely compliant and optimally secure. Another complication is that HIPAA is descriptive and not prescriptive. Meaning, HIPAA will tell you what the mandatory standards are, but they won’t tell you how to accomplish them. To avoid penalties, organizations may prioritize compliance and shape most of their security policies around it, leading to a checkbox-driven, point-in-time program that is insufficient to continuously protect patient information. In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Today’s greatest cybersecurity risks and the impact on compliance for healthcare organizations
  • The differences between security and compliance, and how to achieve both
  • How to benchmark their current environments against HIPAA requirements
  • How to select a vendor that makes healthcare security and HIPAA compliance simple

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