At the Gates of the Cloud: The Mindset of Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

What are real practitioners at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) doing with their cloud infrastructures and cybersecurity programs, and why are they doing it? Our newest report commissioned in partnership with the 451 Research group dives into these questions – providing a unique lens of “on the ground” experiences and opinions. From our findings, it’s clear that many SMEs have shown an increased awareness of cyber risk and the impact a breach could have on their organizations. However, big decisions regarding the right cybersecurity strategy still loom ahead. Join Armor’s Chief Technology Officer Josh Bosquez to learn:

  • What investments are being made in cybersecurity and cloud
  • The challenges and cybersecurity incidents impacting SMEs
  • A renewed approach to achieving optimal security

About the Presenter

Josh Bosquez, Chief Technology Officer, Armor

Josh Bosquez is responsible for all aspects of Armor’s engineering and product development. With extensive experience in Application Development and Architecture, Josh helps chart a strategic vision for Armor’s secure cloud infrastructure and leads the development and engineering teams in delivering best-in-class technologies that bring it to life.

The financial industry just finished its 5th annual cyber doomsday exercise. This year they focused on a fictional widespread ransomware attack. A great article at @cnbc #cybersecurity #cloudsecurity @KateFazzini

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