Spartan Threat Prevention and Response

Spartan is the IT security industry’s leading threat prevention and response platform. Armor integrates advanced analytics, global threat intelligence, and continuous response capabilities into a single platform that bolsters your defenses, uncovers hidden threats, and prevents security breaches.

Whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, Spartan provides your IT environment, with a proactive approach to cyberthreats. Our security operations center (SOC), including the threat resistance unit (TRU), gathers threat intelligence from the deep and dark webs, hacker forums and pastebin sites, and the hits our 1200+ customers receive daily to develop countermeasures that protect our infrastructure and your IT environment from every category of cyberthreat.

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Armor’s Unique Perspective on the Cyberthreat Landscape

We serve 1200+ customers in 50+ industries. Due to our sample size, we have a larger and broader picture of existing and potential threats to your IT environment. All the data we gather from events filtering through Spartan’s security infrastructure is collected, analyzed, identified, and added to our database. We adjust our security controls accordingly and, through Spartan, the updated countermeasures are applied across all our customers’ environments. What helps one, helps us all.

Spartan: Threat Intelligence for the Greater Good

events analyzed per month and growing

of security threats blocked

priority incidents conducted annually

Community insights from
customers globally

hardware appliances deployed

<1 day
dwell time versus 100+ days industry average

ROI over 3 years with payback in 4 months

Spartan Platform Features

Threat Prevention, Detection, & Response in Action

Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence

Data from our 1200+ customers is used to improve Spartan’s defenses for all. Anything we learn is applied to developing threat intelligence and countermeasures that are applied across the platform, preventing future incidents and improving detection.

Advanced Analytics & Correlation

Spartan analyzes all collected data and correlates it with any event data gathered by other security tools under our management, looking for anomalies or patterns that might indicate a threat or an intrusion.

Threat intelligence

Spartan’s security tools are continuously improving, fed by the ongoing aggregation of threat intelligence, which is applied across the platform and prevents future threats from gaining access to your IT environment.

Continuous Threat Hunting
Continuous Threat Hunting

Billions of events pass through Spartan’s security controls monthly and are categorized as known good, known bad, or suspicious. Suspicious events are assumed malicious and investigated by our security experts.


Threat response is accelerated by automated playbooks that run repetitive tasks and workflows.

Forensic Research & Investigation

We are with you from start to finish. Forensic investigation of security incidents is a standard part of our operations. If you require a third-party for compliance reasons, we will help you find them.

Brand & Reputation Monitoring

Armor security experts not only monitor what happens in your network, they scan the dark web for threat activity against your company.

Continuous Response

You are not alone—Armor’s response does not stop at alerting. The SOC works with you to respond and resolve threats faster across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid IT environments to ensure up-time and availability.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Offerings

Traditional MSSP Armor
Siloed Security & Technology Sprawl Unified Visiblity & Control for Any Environment
Security That Impedes Business Innovation Security That Accelerates Go-to-Market
Reactive Security Posture—Alerting ONLY Proactive Security Posture—Alert, Respond & Resolve
Lengthy Compliance Process Simplified, Continuous Audit-Ready Compliance
Growing Skills Gap Security Expertise On-Demand
Fixed/Contractual Pricing Flexible/Pay As You Go
Dwell Time Average of 100+ Days Dwell Time Average of 1.2 Days

Armor Spartan Platform

The Armor Spartan platform is designed specifically to defend cloud workloads and hybrid IT, resulting in improved protection, faster response times and enhanced visibility across all your environments.

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Protect Your Data without Slowing Your Business

Security Services Built For The Cloud

Our goal is to simplify your business, not complicate it. We know that security is not often equated with speedy, but we’re here to change that. Spartan was built with speed in mind, as well as agility, flexibility, and resilience—you’re welcome, DevOps.

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