Armor Security Basics 101

Setting a firm foundation for your cyber program's success.

Why Armor Security Basics

How sound is your cybersecurity program?

Knowing the answer can be difficult, but communicating it to your C-suite and board can feel all but impossible. And yet without their support, your program can't grow.

Armor's Security Basics 101 shows you what you're doing exactly right and where you can improve, in clear and concise, board-friendly language.

Board-Level Assurance

Armor's Security Basics 101 equips you with the insights to confidently answer board inquiries about the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program. Gain a comparative understanding of where you stand against an exemplary baseline.

Clarity Without Complexity

Understand your cybersecurity stature and how it measures up to an ideal state, without the complexity and resource requirements of obtaining certifications like SOC2 or ISO 27001.

Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Assessment

Receive a detailed, evidence-based evaluation of your security measures, coupled with a comprehensive risk analysis that pinpoints exactly where your defenses stand and where they need to be fortified.

Strategic, Achievable Recommendations

Beyond mere compliance, Security Basics 101 provides actionable, strategic advice tailored to help you achieve both compliance and effectiveness in your cybersecurity efforts, even when working with limited resources.

Budget-Conscious Security Enhancement

Designed for organizations mindful of their budget constraints, this service is the pathway to elevating your security program to a commendable state without overextending financially.

Armor's Security Basics 101 distills our years of expertise, gleaned from running a Security Operations Center and providing cybersecurity services, into a focused assessment of the fundamental controls vital for an organization's defense.

How Armor Helps

What we analyze.

This budget-friendly service evaluates your security controls and practices with a focus on crucial areas including asset management, access control, patch management, backups, and incident response. We also recommend strategies to help you stay safe against a variety of threats today and in the future.

We evaluate all your enterprise assets—people, hardware, software, and data—to ensure every component is accounted for, managed, and protected according to the highest standards.

Our experts assess your defenses against malicious software and examine of access controls to ensure only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information and systems.

We review your systems and network configurations to verify they're securely set up. We also analyze your patch-management and software-update protocols to ensure that you're promptly addressing your vulnerabilities.

An evaluation of your data backup and restore capabilities, ensuring your organization can maintain operations and quickly recover from any form of data loss or system compromise.

We scrutinize how well you can to detect, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity incidents, assessing the readiness and effectiveness of your incident response plans.

Don't leave your defenses to chance in an ever-changing world.

Start now to set the foundation for a resilient security program by enrolling in our Security Basics 101 service.

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