Managed Services

Premium Management. Expected, Delivered & Acclaimed.

The extent to which a cyber security strategy protects your organization is a function of how carefully it’s managed, monitored and optimized. Maximize efficiency, regain focus and operate with true peace of mind by offloading these duties to Armor’s proven experts.

To take charge, Armor solutions come with an impressive array of services. No cyber security provider in the industry can match these all-included offerings.

  • 60-day launch assistance
  • Security consultation
  • Engineers available 24/7/365 via ticket, phone or live chat
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Certified engineering and compliance analysis
  • A military-grade security operations center
  • Performance tuning

Your Business. Accelerated.

Your Environment, Our Experts
Grow your business by allowing Armor’s elite experts to manage and protect your environment — no matter where it’s deployed — around the clock. Return your focus to what matters most: your business.

Fiscal & Fast
Reduce the cost of designing, deploying, staffing, managing and upgrading your infrastructure. Then, once in operation, Armor makes it simple to scale, optimize and grow.

Risk Reduction Starts Here
Understanding and adhering to critical security controls can be daunting. Armor will lead you through all the steps to ensure your environment and data workloads are in compliance — and stay that way.

Instant Security Incident Management
Organizations that rely on in-house security management are at the mercy of vendors contacted for help after an attack or incident. During such an event, quick, decisive and strategic response is critical. Proper remediation takes time. Armor oversees these efforts for you and your organization — ensuring you’re operational in no time. Reduce risk once and for all.

Cloud Customization
With Armor, you’re never alone. We’ll guide you every step of the way — from onboarding, customization and integration to final deployment. It’s the unique, proactive approach to customizing your secure environment.

Professional Services

Will the complexity of your deployment require more detail-oriented treatment? Eliminate concerns about complicated applications, infrastructure migration and performance issues with these advanced professional services.