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Cyber threats won't stop.

Neither will we.

Armor’s active cyber defense solution is purpose-built to protect you, your data and your customers. With Armor Complete, gain maximum security and compliance for your most sensitive workloads. For data outside our environment, Armor Anywhere scales security to public and private cloud environments or your own infrastructure.

Tightly integrated and supported, Armor solutions are backed by the world’s leading cyber security professionals and threat intelligence teams.


Armor collects data from more than 50 global threat streams to stay ahead of malicious attacks.


Identification of advanced threats before they’re public


A defense-in-depth approach delivers real mitigation


Rigorously trained & vigorously committed to protecting you


Elite cyber warriors with battle forged techniques thwart 99.999999% of attacks

The World's Most Secure Managed Cloud.

Our secure and managed Virtual Private Cloud environment is purpose-built for the paranoid. This integrated approach provides the highest level of protection for confidential data classifications and workloads. Choose Armor Complete if you require the best in managed security and performance.

Integrated Intelligence, Security & Response

Included 24-7 Managed Security & Support

Exceed PCI & HIPAA / HITRUST Compliance

High-Performance & Redundant Architecture

Available in:

  • Dallas, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Singapore, SG
  • Any Global Location

Managed Security for Any Environment. Anywhere.

Your data needs to be protected wherever it’s located. For workloads that require hosting with public and private cloud environments outside of Armor, or even within your own IT environment, choose Armor Anywhere. It’s defended by the world’s leading cyber security professionals and threat intelligence teams.

For Public / Private Clouds & Customer-Owned IT

Secure VM and OS Hardening

Supports Multi-Cloud Strategies

Available 24-7 Managed Security & Support

Available for:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Softlayer

Which Armor environment is right for your applications and data?

Armor protects, manages and supports a variety of infrastructures to match your business objectives and data requirements. Pair your multi-cloud security strategy with the appropriate Armor environments.

Severe High

High-Risk and/or High-Availability Production Workloads

Data & performance needs

  • “Tier 0” applications
  • Applications/data with PII that require high-level access
  • Data and application security
  • Requires compliance with industry (PCI) or regulatory (HIPAA) mandates
  • Intellectual property
  • High-availability architecture
  • Low-latency performance requirements

For critical or highly sensitive data, Armor Complete delivers a compliant, fully managed environment with the lowest possible risk of data breach or loss.

Elevated Moderate

QA, Testing, Staging or Production Workloads

Data & performance needs

  • Non-production data
  • No personally identifiable information (PII) or company IP
  • Risk-based level of security performance and availability
  • Early-stage development

Depending on performance requirements and data workload sensitivity, select either Armor Complete or Armor Anywhere, which may be integrated as part of a secure multi-cloud strategy.

Low Minimum

Public Information

Data & performance needs

  • Data that's already publicly available
  • Non-sensitive files

Public or low-risk data are not typically candidates for Armor solutions and are often deployed and managed in non-secure public and private cloud environments.

Healthcare / HIPAA

Secure Cloud Infrastructure for Healthcare Applications and Data

Payments / PCI

Reduce Risk and Ensure PCI Compliance

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