Reduce Risk from both "Accidental" and "Intentional" Threats

Threat Actors Love to Target Retailers. However, Stopping Them is Only One Side of the Coin.

With the immense innovation underway in Retail in the cloud, resilient retail brands can now treat the full breadth of risk to their applications and customer data.

Avoid the Accidental
Armor helps Retailers protect against the ‘honest mistakes’ and oversights employees may make when operating in the cloud.

Stop the Intentional
Armor protects your cloud workloads (ex. Retail management software, payment processing, ERP) from the evolving threat landscape, reducing risk to your Retail innovation initiatives, and safeguarding customer data.

Deploy at Speed
Armor solutions can be deployed in as little as a few minutes starting earlier into the DevOps cycle, eliminating the risk of security and compliance efforts lowing down your company’s forward momentum.

Proactive Security for Retail

We are using Armor Anywhere to provide Information Security across our organization in order to maintain PCI compliance. There are several key areas of Info Sec for PCI that Armor fills in where a small business like ours doesn't have the manpower to accomplish in-house.

IT Company
Deploy Security Rapidly

Secure Retail Applications and Customer Data

Designed for the Cloud and DevOps

For Retailers to transform at the speed required, DevOps practitioners must be able to drive secure code development and deployment with as little friction as possible.

Speed and Ease of Deployment
Armor’s Armor Anywhere SECaaS solution is designed to turn up protection for your retail application workloads (ex. e-Commerce, omnichannel, inventory control, CRM) easily in minutes.

Integration Into the SDLC; Not a Bolt-On
Armor’s Armor Anywhere solution can be integrated into the SDLC for automated provisioning of protection.

Guide Rails, Not Stop Signs
Armor’s Automated Security and Compliance solution keeps developers operating within set policy limits without stopping their forward momentum.

Case Studies Partner

Astute Solutions: Minimizing PCI Scope While Securing Stored Sensitive Data

Armor Partner, TokenEx took Astute’s PCI compliance from zero to certified in a matter of months. Without significantly altering its platform, Astute needed to minimize PCI scope in its production SaaS environment while still allowing its customers to store sensitive data. To accomplish this, TokenEx implemented its iFrame into the browsers of customer service agents, enabling TokenEx to capture, tokenize, and then store PCI, removing Astute’s system from scope.

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Amy Bakameyer

Accelerate Compliance with PCI DSS in the Cloud

Complying with PCI DSS in the Cloud Just Got Easier

Secure your sensitive cardholder payment applications and data in the cloud while automating and accelerating compliance with PCI DSS. Drive faster, more efficient compliance outcomes through comprehensive and continuous compliance coverage.

Checks and Balances
Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance solution continuously assesses the compliance controls in place with IT Security Policy.

Security for Your Workloads
Armor’s Armor Anywhere and Armor Complete solutions were created to simplify compliance – minimizing PCI DSS-related tension and preventing breaches of payment cardholder information.

Compliance for Retail

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