May 17, 2021

Did you know the oldest known recipe in the world was for beer? Or that cyber hackers can break into refrigerators, and even toasters if they want to?

Before you step foot inside a pub for the first time in a year, make sure your quiz skills are polished by joining Armor and Digital Craftsmen at our virtual watering hole, The Craftsmen’s Arms. Here, you can test both your knowledge of beer and cybersecurity and have a good time, so pull up a stool and nurse a pint with us while we battle it out for the right to be right!

Even though Brits are known for a love of trivia, this isn’t your granddad’s quiz night (though he’s more than welcome). Whether you’re a geek or nerd, or somewhere in between, take a break from the daily grind or the telly, and let’s put that lifelong obsession with tech to good use. But be prepared. Whilst we may not ask you what the largest land mammal is, you do need to know whether or not giving your wi-fi password to your postman is a good idea—it isn’t!

The Top 3 winners will receive great prizes!

Please join Armor and Digital Craftsmen May 17 16:30 for “Security, Drinks & Trivia at The Craftsmen’s Arms,” and if you’re one of the first 50 registrants, we’ll send you a Slurp gift card to buy a few pints on us!


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