For the second year in a row, Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) research team has gone exploring. No, they haven’t been studying one of the seven wonders of the world, rather they have spent five months (from February 2019 to June of 2019) combing through twelve different underground hacker markets and forums (both English and Russian speaking ones) to uncover many of the illicit goods and services being bought and sold in these digital storefronts. What they found is that these dark markets and forums are thriving.

The criminal sellers continue to hawk the popular core items and services such as bank account credentials, credit card numbers, full identity packets, and DDoS attack services for hire, but they have also added new offerings to their virtual store shelves. One of the cleverest services spotted was where a criminal can pay a seller $800 in Bitcoin and have $10,000 transferred to a bank account of their choice or wired to them via Western Union, a seamless turn-key money laundering service.Readers will also find costs for everything from stolen smartphones and computers to exploit kits and Remote Access Trojans (RATs), to having a hacker remove negative items from your credit report or add thousands of ‘Likes’ and Followers” to your social media accounts.

Read our report and learn about the many illicit goods and services the hackers are buying and selling. Learn how these items are fueling criminal activities costing organizations and individuals hundreds of millions of dollars annually and most importantly how organizations and consumers can help defend their data online.

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