March 12, 2021

DALLAS–March 12, 2021 — Armor, a leading global cloud security software company, is providing security and compliance expertise to help 4myBenefits, a leading vendor of benefits communication services for brokers and their clients, meet strict ACA security and compliance standards.  4MyBenefits’ SaaS-based offering utilizes Armor’s secure infrastructure to adhere to federal regulations in support of its well-known client base.

“Securing patient information while meeting rigid government requirements is complex and burdensome for any organization,” said Mark Woodward, CEO, Armor.  “Armor’s partnership with 4MyBenefits provides peace of mind that sensitive healthcare information will remain secure within stringent compliance mandates.  Together, our team maintains an essential platform while they pursue growth in a highly competitive industry.”

4MyBenefits relies upon Armor Anywhere with Secure Hosting for improved visibility and control to comply with ACA and HIPAA regulations.  Armor also delivers flexibility, detailed metrics, and dynamic customer service to enable thorough audits and evaluate system integrity.  This empowers 4MyBenefits to exceed client expectations while freeing bandwidth to drive innovation.

“Armor provides a tremendous value with both their expertise and secure infrastructure,” said Jeff Wickham, director of product development, 4MyBenefits.  “They consistently improve our operation as the foundation of security and compliance efforts.  We consider Armor as our ‘team-as-a-service,’ so we can focus on growing our business and developing new applications.”

Learn more about 4MyBeneifts, Secured by Armor, in this detailed case study.

About 4myBenefits
4myBenefits, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leading vendor of benefits communication services for brokers and their clients. Founded in 1999, 4myBenefits has been the forerunner in developing a service-oriented business model that delivers affordable, high-tech HR communication systems for small and large employers. 4myBenefits is distributed by a national broker network of over 200 agencies, helping them enhance their agency websites and deliver innovative solutions to their clients.

About Armor  
Armor is a global cybersecurity software company that simplifies protecting data and applications in private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. Armor Anywhere provides technology to detect and respond to threats and can be activated in minutes.  Armor also helps organizations comply with major regulatory frameworks and controls. Armor combines workload protection, analytics from cloud-native sources, and other security data to provide unparalleled insight into threats facing organizations. Armor’s cybersecurity experts monitor customer environments 24/7/365 and if an attack takes place, helps customers respond quickly and effectively. Armor protects over 1,500 customers in 42 countries. To learn more, visit or follow @armor on Twitter.

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