At SaRA Health, executives know that just being HIPAA compliant isn’t enough. As the company established itself and plotted its growth leveraging the public cloud, its leadership realized that layering cybersecurity on top of their cloud service was the best bet for ensuring the company’s IT security needs were getting met. 


SaRA Health is a SaaS provider and the creator of the Simplifying Recovery Assistant (SaRA) application. It provides patients with digitized home exercise plans and individualized notifications and reminders and gives healthcare providers a way to monitor patient progress.


Quick Glance

  • Healthcare
Cloud Provider
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Website Customer Problem
  • HIPAA Compliance and security integration with AWS
Armor Solution
  • Armor Anywhere
Why Armor
  • Armor was able to help obtain HIPAA compliance and improve the organization's protection of data under AWS infrastructure hosting.
  • Armor protects areas for which AWS is not responsible

When we looked at the market, we saw there were a lot of different tools out there, but what we really liked about Armor was transparency and simplicity of deploying the agents in our cloud. Armor increased SaRA Health’s speed to market by 15-20%.

Steven Coen CEO
SaRa Health

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