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Based in the United Kingdom, Quint Group answers the call for innovation and consumer-centric services in the rapidly evolving credit industry.

As a fintech company undergoing global expansion, Quint Group is keenly aware that a data breach or service outage that impacts its customers can significantly affect its reputation and disrupt its business. That knowledge is driving the company’s desire to maintain compliance and improve security and usability.

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  • Quint Group needs to maintain PCI DSS compliance and adherence to GDPR directives while quickly scaling to meet market demands.

Armor Solution


  • After migrating its Monevo platform, Quint Group saw a 10-15% improvement in performance, which the company defines as the speed at which the platform can return results to consumers. In addition to performance improvements, Armor’s GDPR-ready infrastructure is important to the Quint Group. Armor’s security solution ticks many boxes for the company, ensuring it can protect customer data and comply with regulations.

Understanding the overhead of managing more servers without a dedicated InfoSec resource, we decided to move to a platform with security built into it rather than hire people. This meant as we got bigger, we wouldn’t have to worry about managing security personnel or process; we could continue to focus on our core business goals.

Sam Colclough CIO
Quint Group

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