Fintech companies like in the UK and Europe are creating new value by embracing rapid changes in the payment industry. In order to focus on the technology of payments, they rely on Armor to keep them and their customers safe and compliant.

SECURING PAYMENT PROCESSES is a Payment Solutions Technology Partner based in London. Their role as a technology partner is to help businesses unlock the hidden value in their payment infrastructure, and to help their customers define better payments strategies.

Quick Glance

Industry Cloud Provider Website Customer Problem
  • Need to keep customer's data safe and PCI compliant
Armor Solution Why Armor
  • Armor was able to secure a virtual private cloud (VPC) with built-in security and compliance controls.

In terms of compliance, we are PCI Level 1 Gateway and every year we have to go through the compliance process. The biggest benefit of choosing Armor is that Armor takes on many of those control points, so we don't have to worry about them.

Rob Clark Managing Director

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