November 10, 2021

Cybersecurity: How to Level-Up Your MSP Business

 As economies attempt to recover amidst rising threats from new COVID-19 variants, managed service providers encounter increased pressure to deliver greater value, take on more responsibilities, and improve cybersecurity/ compliance capabilities. It’s a welcome mix of challenges with enormous opportunities due to a business environment shaped by the new normal. Before you start ramping […]

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October 28, 2021

Women in Technology: No Broken Rungs

We’ve all heard the phrase “glass ceiling” before, particularly in reference to women breaking barriers into male-dominated industries. What you probably haven’t heard of is the “broken rung” concept, where women and other minorities must first be promoted into manager positions before having the chance to shine in senior leadership roles. With 78% of women […]

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June 23, 2021

You Got Hacked, Now What?

 With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and tools in the dark market being easily accessible, cyberattacks are on the rise. It’s no longer about “if” an attack takes place, but “when.” So, when your company gets hacked, what do you do next? Are you prepared to defend yourself against the consequence of a successful […]

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Check out the Cybersecurity and Compliance Assessment

Armor’s cybersecurity and compliance assessment delivers a baseline assessment for your organization’s overall cybersecurity and compliance posture.

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June 8, 2021

Cookie Cutter Compliance: A Recipe for Disaster

Tuesday, June 8th 2021 at 1 p.m. ET  Let’s be honest: achieving and maintaining compliance isn’t always a piece of cake, and it can be daunting for IT and Security teams who already have very full plates. While templated security and compliance solutions can be affordable and easy to deploy, you may find that they are only half-baked […]

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May 4, 2021

HIPAAtrek & Armor: Digging Deeper into Security & Compliance Basics

Feeling overwhelmed with compliance and security? We don’t blame you. With an increase in volatile cybersecurity attacks on organizations for personal identifiable information (PII), many hospitals and clinics feel like they are currently staring down the barrel of a loaded gun when it comes to data security. Throw in confusing compliance mandates that change every […]

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April 28, 2021

Game of Code: Level Up or Get Rekt

When you play the Game of Code, there will be winners and there will be losers. Whether you are fighting ghosts, dragons, or zombies, can you battle it out before the enemy storms the gates? Hackers are no different as they mine through environments and use malicious schemes to attack you. They are locked and […]

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Forrester's Total Economic Impact Report of Armor Anywhere

Discover the true ROI of Armor’s cloud security solution Armor Anywhere.

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March 4, 2021

Demo – Armor Anywhere with EDR

 According to Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), 72% of the total global workforce is currently working remotely and the number of employees permanently working remotely will double in 2021 to 34.4%. With these figures, companies now more than ever must ensure their assets, especially their endpoints, are protected from threats. Armor now extends security protection […]

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February 10, 2021

The Dark Web: Exposing the Business of Cybercrime

 The Dark Web is growing at an exponential rate, with hackers doubling down on cybercrime-as-a-service—allowing non-traditional and unskilled hackers to wreak havoc in ways previously unheard of. Criminals don’t have to be skilled to get your data; they just need to know where and who to go to for help. This webinar aims to […]

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December 11, 2020

Strateq Health + Armor: Sanitizing Cybersecurity in the Wake of COVID

 The spread of the COVID-19 virus has presented our modern workforce with one of its greatest global challenges ever. As offices remain shuttered or begin to reopen on a limited basis, many healthcare organizations must review their security policies and controls. And while this work model can assist in keeping business doors open, it […]

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December 9, 2020

Security & Privacy: Catching Up on Changes to Key Frameworks – Webinar

 Changes across both compliance frameworks and privacy regulations have been fast and furious in the past two years. In addition to updates to major compliance frameworks such as the upcoming PCI 4.0, we’ve seen the California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA) emerge while similar legislation is spreading in the U.S., forcing Security, Compliance and Privacy […]

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