Top 3 Tips for MSPs Managing Cybersecurity Vendor Sprawl

Vendor sprawl, or the accumulation of multiple point security solutions from different vendors, can cause massive inefficiencies and unnecessary costs for an MSP. Here, we share 3 practical tips to help you combat this perennial problem or avoid it altogether. Why cybersecurity vendor sprawl may have seemed inevitable Organizations looking to handle various use cases […]

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September 13, 2021

How Security Platforms Help MSPs Mitigate Threats in a Multi-Cloud World

The cloud has enabled organizations to digitally transform their business. However, with the rate at which innovative technologies, environments, and architectures are adopted to support digital transformation, companies are challenged with securing their investment. Whether it is having the skills on staff to understand how to de-risk those deployments, the technologies necessary to detect security […]

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It’s a Jungle Out There – Why AWS MSSP Competency Is Important

The popularity, flexibility, and functionality of the cloud are undeniable.  According to Gartner, global spending on public cloud services is at an all-time high, expected to eclipse $480 billion by the close of 2022.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an industry powerhouse, controlling a sizeable 31 percent of the market.  The capabilities AWS offers are […]

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Check out the Cybersecurity and Compliance Assessment

Armor’s cybersecurity and compliance assessment delivers a baseline assessment for your organization’s overall cybersecurity and compliance posture.

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Anatomy of Compliance Audits

Compliance audits can be quite intimidating, especially if you’re new to them. For many organizations, it’s something that’s becoming increasingly unavoidable. In this post, we introduce you to the various aspects of an audit, what an auditor expects from you (the complying organization), and what you can do to make the auditing process as smooth […]

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Security Insights – Q2 2021 Updates

Threat Analyst Lead Yaz Johnston dives into our latest security insights, where you can learn about upcoming HTML sanitization for your favorite web browsers, what top 10 malware threats we’ve seen in the past quarter, and how ransomware continues to steal the security spotlight. HTML Sanitization Google, Mozilla, and security firm Cure53 announced they are […]

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Introducing Armor Anywhere with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

As the pandemic drove employees into their homes, businesses turned to one logical solution that would keep operations going—remote work. This major change, however, has drawn a much larger number of employees outside the safe confines of the corporate firewall and, in turn, dramatically increased businesses’ exposure to cyberthreats. The rise of web-based activities, an […]

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Forrester's Total Economic Impact Report of Armor Anywhere

Discover the true ROI of Armor’s cloud security solution Armor Anywhere.

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Creating a Culture of Compliance

Joint Blog with HIPAATrek, Co-Author: Sarah Badahman, CHPSE, CEO/Founder, HIPAAtrek Office culture has greatly evolved over the years, impacted by generational differences, laws and legislature, and even design aesthetics. And as technology has changed, one of the most impactful influences on office culture has been digital transformation. Fueled by growing usage of applications, remote work […]

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Securing the Cloud for Critical Access Hospitals

Joint Blog with HIPAATrek, Co-Author: Sarah Badahman, CHPSE, CEO/Founder, HIPAAtrek While medical treatment innovation may move at the speed of light, the same cannot be said for the rates at which healthcare providers have migrated to the cloud. The largest obstacle to widespread adoption? The responsibility of securing their data within the cloud. And the […]

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Investment Apps Are Crashing, Are Your Transactions Secure?

$GME (GameStop) and $AMC (AMC Entertainment) are breaking the market. These two stocks, driven by retail investor hype, have created pandemonium on Wall Street. Hedge funds are going bankrupt, and brokers are overwhelmed. None seem more overwhelmed than the SaaS brokerages like Stash App and Robinhood. Stash App has slowed to a crawl if you […]

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Hero Spotlight: Cheryl Gant

Change Catalyst: Armor Hero Cheryl Gant For Armor Hero Cheryl Gant, diversity and representation has always been important. And though she has followed an unconventional path into her technology career, this Armor Hero has made herself at home and taken up the call to help move Armor’s diversity and inclusion efforts onward and upward. As […]

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