Armor Adds Two Security Capabilities as Part of Armor Anywhere Update

Armor’s signature product offering, Armor Anywhere, now has enhanced threat detection and response as part of the cloud security platform’s most ambitious update ever. Along with available Log and Data Management capabilities, two new security capabilities—Intrusion Prevention System and Recommendation Scans—are now available. The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) scans incoming traffic, detecting and blocking potential […]

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Armor Boosts Partner Program, Launches New MSP Capabilities and Benefits

From hospitality and financial services to healthcare and logistics, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced digital adaptation for businesses across the board, in turn, creating the largest remote workforce in history. And though companies and brands within these spaces have distinct operations and segments of society to serve, one common denominator they share in this unexpected […]

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SaaS Scaling with Security in Mind

For software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, survival depends on the ability to scale up rapidly while adapting to user demands and improving functionality. When starting out, entrepreneurs recognize a pain point for either other businesses or consumers and build solutions using automation and software to fill a need. But they must act fast, because other companies are […]

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How to Secure AWS: Advanced Strategies and Best Practices

Securing an Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment can be complicated, but you can lessen the effort with the right approach and strategy. After a decade of working with companies to secure their infrastructure (including our product that helps to protect AWS customers), we at Armor have learned a lot about how to secure cloud applications. […]

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Cloud Security Tools: What You Need to Be Compliant and Secure

When picking what security tools you need to secure your cloud application, you’ll soon find out that there are an enormous amount of options. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of quality security tools in existence, many of which have different responsibilities. Since securing a cloud computing deployment is complex and there are many tools out […]

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Cloud Security Sample RFP

At Armor, we get a lot of RFPs for cloud security. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions made it available to you. We hope this helps as you look for a solution that meets your business needs.

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Secure Left: Security and SaaS Product Development in the New Reality

At Armor, we simplify security and compliance for SaaS providers, securing workloads in the cloud from intrusion, theft, and exposure. “Shift Left” testing methodologies that emerged in the early 2000s helped SaaS developers address an important reality: waterfall approaches to development were unable to meet the demanding needs of accelerated technology and competition. Today, SaaS […]

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