Constant Vigilance: Automating GDPR Compliance

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the most distributed workforce in history, and with it comes new concerns about data privacy and control. Consider the dilemma of notifying employees that a team member has contracted the coronavirus; or imagine how healthcare organisations, in a rush to contain the virus, must sprint to share data in real […]

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Armor Agent 3.0: New Features Provide DevOps and Analyst Flexibility

Armor Anywhere: New Features Provide DevOps and Analyst Flexibility DevOps teams and security analysts who manage threat detection and response tools need the ability to adjust security and compliance controls to address changing requirements and use cases across their environments. Armor now makes it easier to choose the tools they need to make those adjustments, […]

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GDPR: Creating a Culture of Privacy

We’ve recently explored how organisations are beginning to experience the repercussions of GDPR non-compliance, including fines and damage to reputations. Many are coming to understand the cost of controlling data and the impact it can have on a variety of business units. What seems less clear is how to implement controls to ensure compliance and […]

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GDPR Enforcement Creates Fines and Challenges

For decades, we’ve all given up our phone numbers, addresses, and other personal data in the name of free email services, social networking sites, and special offers from retailers. But over the past 20 years, that consumer data has been collected, used, and sold to create some of the most profitable companies in the world—think […]

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Armor Launches Enhancements to Its Signature Cloud Security Platform, Armor Anywhere

(Dallas, TX, June, 17, 2020) Armor Anywhere, Armor’s signature product, has undergone the most ambitious updates of its existence. Collectively, these updates allow Armor to see more, ingest more, analyze and correlate more, and block more cloud threats across customer environments. Overall, the updated features enrich security outcomes as well as provide greater operational control […]

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Cloud Security Sample RFP

At Armor, we get a lot of RFPs for cloud security. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions made it available to you. We hope this helps as you look for a solution that meets your business needs.

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Protect Any Workload: Enhanced Threat Detection and Response

Defending an organization’s infrastructure and data from damage, unauthorized access, and misuse requires complex security strategies and technology. That includes securing applications and data in the cloud, which calls for a defense against multi-stage attacks coming from a variety of threat vectors. Threat Detection and Response (TDR) capabilities help organizations protect themselves between these lines […]

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Armor’s Security Platform Gives Greater Operational Control and Flexibility

Dallas, TX, June, 9, 2020 Armor recently announced the most ambitious update yet of its signature Armor Anywhere cloud security platform. With the update, Armor customers now have the flexibility to turn on and turn off security and compliance capabilities through the Armor Management Portal (AMP). This higher level of operational control and flexibility is available […]

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Cloud Security Leader, Armor, Launches a Major Upgrade to its Threat Detection and Response Technology, Armor Anywhere

Dallas, TX, June 2, 2020 —Armor®, a leading global cybersecurity software company that protects workloads in public, hybrid and private cloud environments, announced today that it has released a major upgrade to its flagship product, Armor Anywhere. With these latest enhancements, Armor delivers stronger threat detection and response while giving its customers greater operational control over […]

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