The True Cost of Cloud Security

The risk of a cybersecurity breach is growing. Are you ready?

No one believes they will be a target of a cyber security breach until it’s too late. If recent years and news breaks have taught us anything, it’s that cyber attacks are growing more persistent, clever and trying all kinds of organizations across all industries.

Cyber threats like SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other application layer attacks, phishing/spear-phishing and malware infiltrate businesses every day. These types of breaches can occur at scale, yet many organizations are still convinced (or just hope) they won’t be the ones targeted.

With cloud computing becoming a larger part of the workflow for most organizations, understanding how cybersecurity strategies in the cloud defend data is crucial. Some organizations may choose to save a few dollars with a commodity provider, but they’re stacking on more risks with the false assumption that one-size-fits-all services are impenetrable.

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