Take Back the Cybersecurity Initiative

A shift in thinking is critical to prevent cybersecurity breaches.

Managing sensitive data workloads is no longer something exclusive to the tech industry. More businesses than ever before are increasingly concerned about being breached. Roughly $100 billion is spent on cybersecurity each year and the data breaches are increasing in both frequency and cost. From online retailers and banks to consumer food chains, many industries are feeling the burden of storing, processing, managing and using sensitive data workloads in their business.

This can be troublesome for businesses whose core process doesn’t include the need for cybersecurity specialists, procuring technology hardware or assembling a full-time security operations center. Bringing in cybersecurity employees is out of reach for many organizations as industries are facing and increasing talent gap. Should the organization fail to secure their data, they’ll be responsible for the losses and their customers will suffer the damages.

Armor CEO Chris Drake explains why such an immense gap exists in protecting organizations and why a shift in thinking is critical to help stop the growing number of high-profile breaches. Read our “Take Back the Initiative” report to learn more. You can also search through our Knowledge Center for more infographics and resources to learn more about securing your data.