Gartner Report: 2018 CEO Survey: CEO Concern Over Cybersecurity Falls While Risk Rises

With cybercrime projected to cost companies US$5.2 Trillion over the next five years, and regulatory bodies levying more responsibility onto boards and senior executives for preventing and reporting cyberattacks, it is hard to fathom that CEO concern over cybersecurity is falling.

CIOs/CSOs, we are confident reading this Gartner Report, you’ll be able to learn how best to combat security complacency:

  • Reassure the CEO and board members that you and your team are fully committed to the companies’ growth, but impress upon them that significant business initiatives, involving IT, such as growth must be secure
  • Make it very clear that investments in new technologies do not reduce the need to ensure that basic security practices (such as patching systems) are managed effectively and funded appropriately
  • Require that all enterprises plan and prepare responses to successful cyberattacks

Source: Gartner, The Data Center is Dead and Digital Infrastructures Emerge by David Cappuccio , April 13, 2018.