Defending Your Data Infrastructure from the Inside Out

Your biggest cybersecurity threat may come from within.

It’s the forgotten attack vector – the vulnerable employee. Whether they were distracted on the job or manipulated against their will, employees can create serious security vulnerabilities that can catch an organization off guard. Often, when an employee causes a security vulnerability that leads to a breach, they did so unknowingly. There may have been a security violation or procedure left unchecked.

Since most security vulnerabilities caused by employees are done so unknowingly, they tend to be common. Not all employees are aware of the latest cybersecurity methodologies or tactics used by threat actors to breach into data infrastructure. This makes a security plan with preventative steps that compensate for employee-errors essential in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Download our “Defending Inside Out,” data sheet as we review how to develop a cybersecurity plan that protects your data infrastructure from internal threats. You can also search through our Knowledge Center for more infographics and resources to learn more about securing your data.