Game of Code: The Web is Dark & Full of Terrors

When you play the Game of Code, you win or you lose — maybe not your head, but money, clients, and, potentially, your business.

Never fear! Armor is full of knights, sworn to protect client data, working hand-in-hand with the Kings of the Realm, like AWS, to ensure your infrastructure is secure from start to finish. We add human wisdom and ingenuity to real-time intelligence and insights provided by our unique tool set and Armor’s cybersecurity platform. We go beyond blowing our horns to alert you of White Walkers and, instead, take to the front lines with dragon glass, methodically identifying and remediating the threats as they enter our kingdom.

Join our battle-hardened knights for an interactive security demonstration that takes you behind enemy lines and shows you exactly how a hacker can infiltrate your system. It will be a night you won’t forget.

Our finest savory breads and pies will be served with delicious tankards of ale (or you know, local favorite foods & beer). Limited number of squires will be admitted, so register NOW to reserve your spot.

Dates and Locations: 

April 24, 2019 at 5:30-8:00 p.m. ET | Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia, PA


5:30-6:00 p.m.:   Food, drinks & networking

6:00-7:30 p.m.:   Presentation & Q/A session

7:30-8:00 p.m.:   Wrap up & additional networking









*A Game of Thrones Decanter Set will be raffled off to one lucky winner!

Featured Speaker

Geoff Pamerleau, Lead, Countermeasures Development
Geoffrey serves as the Lead of Countermeasures Development at Armor. He previously served as a senior ethical hacker bringing 10 years of expertise in IT and cybersecurity to Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU). Before joining Armor, Geoff was a Computer Network Operator for the NSA, where he was tasked with performing computer network exploitation operations. He served in the United States Air Force with distinction as a Cyberspace Operations Officer.Prior to his commission, Geoff received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a focus on Cyberwarfare from the United States Air Force Academy. While there, Geoff was a member of the Academy’s Cyber Warfare Club and competed in National and International information security competitions. Geoff has certifications in incident handling and penetration testing from SANS and Offensive Security. (GCIH, GPEN, and OSCP).


Special Thanks to Our Valued Partner:

*Armor is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Security Competency


Cybercriminals are targeting the online #payroll accounts of employees in a variety of industries to include #education, #healthcare and commercial airway transportation. These attacks use #phishing emails to steal employee login credentials.

In many ways, patch management is like going around your house before bedtime, making sure all doors and windows are locked. You’re looking for vulnerabilities that allow adversaries into your system. Learn more about patch management in our latest #blog:

It is no secret criminals follow the money. During the past several months, that adage has taken a very literal turn, as a series of cyberattacks targeting payroll departments and payroll services has transpired. Learn more:

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