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Each secure cloud deployment is unique — and uniquely complex. That’s why Armor offers a range of advanced professional services. You may never need them, or, you might find them indispensable. In any event, we don’t take your trust lightly.

Unlike security tool vendors, Armor is not a DIY service. Our security specialists and certified engineers have a battle plan to determine the best way to implement, configure and monitor your secure environment — top to bottom.

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Available Services

The extent to which a cloud security strategy protects your organization is a function of how carefully it’s managed, monitored and optimized. Maximize efficiency, regain focus and operate with true peace of mind by offloading these duties to Armor’s proven experts.

To take charge, Armor solutions come with an impressive array of services. No cloud security provider in the industry can match these all-included offerings.

  • 60-day launch assistance
  • Security consultation
  • Engineers available 24/7/365 via ticket, phone or live chat
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Certified engineering and compliance analysis
  • A military-grade security operations center
  • Performance tuning

To eliminate concerns surrounding complex system implementation and migration, any of these advanced onboarding services can be added to our complimentary onboarding services:

  • Deployment planning
  • Health check and monitoring strategy
  • DBA on-demand
  • Data migration (over 10GB)
  • Load testing
  • Tuning assistance
  • V2V migration services


All Armor Professional Services are fully managed. Armor obtains, installs, licenses and fully manages all aspects of the service for your business, including creating custom policies and upgrading.

Log management is a regimented practice. Regulatory guidelines like PCI and HIPAA require specific activity logging and retention to achieve and maintain compliance. Log analysis is a key tool in helping discover the root cause for a variety of diverse problems, particularly during compliance audits.

By consolidating, normalizing and delivering logs to key personnel or departments, businesses can conduct in-depth analysis of activities.

  • Diagnose and resolve Web application problems quickly
  • Discover conclusive evidence if a security incident arises
  • Identify and remediate inappropriate use of privileged accounts
  • Define user behavior and craft promotions, content and UIs that improve conversion


Log management services include a 12-month retention policy.

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