The Armor Platform

Unique Approach. Unique Platform.

Unify cybersecurity and risk management across your entire organization using a robust, flexible, and easy-to-understand security lifecycle platform. Our cloud-native, DevOps-focused approach enables us to deliver consistent outcomes across any cloud, application, or existing security investment.

Our expertise is codified into each of our products and made scalable through a best-practices infrastructure-as-code deployment model and combined with automated orchestration providing you with unmatched value.

Modern SecOps Architecture

Purpose-built for modern SecOps providing real-time or near-real-time APIs and event hooks across the entire platform. Whether you're looking for a hands-off digest report or want full DevSecOps integration your platform provides connectivity and insight through the entire security lifecycle.


Armor's reporting APIs will feed remediation data into your product backlog for planning. Additionally, Armor's consulting services are available to inform strategy and prioritization.

Data Protection

Armor provides modern static and dynamic code analysis and dependency tree scanning to validate vulnerabilities aren't introduced.


Armor provides automated feedback on security posture regressions. Integration with our HITRUST vCISO product allows you to define risk-based, automated approval workflows with optional escalation for human review.

VAPT Risk Management

Integration with release and runtime systems allows Armor to validate artifact integrity and monitor environment drift on an ongoing basis.


Armor offers runtime protection tools for various platforms or we integrate with your existing tools.


Armor's XDR offering provides comprehensive cloud-native SIEM capabilities.


Armor's XDR offering also provides SOAR capabilities with analytics to inform required changes.


Armor offers ML and human analysis, threat hunting, and advanced threat intelligence integration to predictively inform infrastructure reinforcement.


Comprehensive and Easy to Manage

Armor consolidates all of the integrations across our portfolio of security providers and solutions into a single powerful, easy-to-use experience. These fully-automated integrations provide critical enrichment of your data and enable comprehensive operational and management reporting.

  • Easy to Understand and Manage

    Simple, intuitive, and effective experiences are integrated throughout the Armor platform. From operational insights to strategic summaries, we've optimized for the lowest possible friction.

  • Comprehensive End-to-End Security

    From the first build, to the live infrastructure, to the workload itself, the Armor platform offers complete protection and 360° visibility.

  • Seamless Integration with DevOps

    From our infrastructure-as-code deployment and updates to our telemetry and eventing APIs, integrating with your existing DevOps workflows is a breeze.

  • Cloud-Native Management

    The platform is designed to be completely cloud-native, leveraging the best aspects of your cloud service provider – also making management a familiar task for your staff.

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