The design strategy behind Armor’s secure cloud is based on the specific needs of PCI DSS compliance-driven companies, particularly retail and financial payments organizations that must protect customers’ personal and financial data at all costs.

Comply with PCI

Armor delivers true security outcomes that are designed for payments and PCI compliance. It’s why Armor brings an absolutely unique approach to cyber security. It’s made possible by a blend of intelligence, defense and control that will help ensure PCI compliance, reduce threat actor dwell time to near zero and protect sensitive data workloads, applications and intellectual property.


Armor’s products were designed with the specific needs of PCI DSS-driven companies in mind. Retail and financial payments organizations trust our security talent to protect their customers’ personal and financial data at all costs.

Whether you host your data within our secure managed infrastructure or another IT environment, our solutions are designed to meet, and even exceed, PCI requirements. Secure your public cloud with Armor Anywhere to alleviate the stress of managing PCI compliance at the OS level. Or, segregate your most valuable data by selecting Armor Complete to significantly reduce the time and capital spent completing a PCI audit.

Armor for payments diagram showing what happens to critical payment data