Zeta Compliance Technologies cuts cloud application response time by 750 percent with FireHost

July 02, 2013

Zeta’s customers benefit from enhanced cloud computing applications

London – July 2, 2013 – FireHost, the secure cloud hosting company, has been hosting UK-based Zeta Compliance Technologies’ enterprise software as a service (SaaS) applications in FireHost’s secure cloud infrastructure since January 2013. Zeta Compliance Technologies, which is part of the Zeta Compliance Group PLC, chose FireHost for the superior speed and availability of its secure cloud infrastructure, and since migrating to FireHost, has seen a 750 percent improvement in application response time* when compared to its previous cloud hosting provider. This translates to significant time savings for Zeta customers, which include Ministry of Defence and NHS sites, and has a tangible impact on day-to-day business operations.

Zeta Compliance Technologies provides services to organisations with large estates, including educational establishments, high street shops, power stations and healthcare institutions. Zeta’s solutions make it possible for these organisations to carry out equipment inspections, risk assessments and other safety checks using barcode scanners linked with its web-based application, ZetaSafe®, which collects data online and stores it securely in a database. This simple practice brings a high level of automation to what was once a very time and labour intensive process.

Each day, ZetaSafe® processes extremely large amounts of sensitive data for compliance purposes and, as such, needs to be supported by a high performance, secure cloud infrastructure. Having experienced performance and reliability issues with previous hosting providers, Zeta has moved its hosting to FireHost’s secure cloud infrastructure. FireHost was tasked with providing its Intelligent Security Model™ with the highest performance specifications. Availability is vital for Zeta too; with all end user client data hosted online, uptime is essential for this SaaS company’s operations. Zeta’s customers often process thousands of separate tasks per day with ZetaSafe®, and many typically synchronise data at the same time each week, potentially causing bottlenecks.

“The performance and speed of FireHost’s service is impressive,” said Chris Wiles, Zeta Compliance Technologies’ CTO. “Average load times for some of our applications are well over ten times faster than with our previous cloud service provider. At Zeta Compliance, we deal with huge amounts of data on a day-to-day basis from clients with the most stringent demands. We see massive spikes in traffic levels and are dependent on being able to maintain optimal functionality even during these busy periods. FireHost’s infrastructure has fully supported this aspect of our business.”

Because Zeta’s business is also rapidly expanding, it was vital that it chose a cloud hosting provider with both the infrastructure capacity and technical expertise to support the business through this growth. Where other cloud providers may offer very little in this way of support, FireHost’s highly trained staff provided substantial assistance during Zeta’s initial set-up, which included web and system architecture guidance.

“Zeta was unhappy with the performance of its previous hosting providers, so it was necessary to ensure gains in this area,” said Todd Gleason, Director of Technology for FireHost. “At FireHost, we see performance as a top priority and an area where we separate ourselves from commodity cloud providers. Our overall server performance, memory speed, processor speed and storage speed have been independently benchmarked against the competition, which we consistently outperform. Companies like Zeta are able to do more, do it faster and do it more reliably with our services, enabling them to quickly see business improvements from their cloud operations.”

*Zeta’s own benchmark identified a 750 percent reduction in response time after the move to FireHost. This change was a combination of software updates and FireHost’s secure infrastructure optimized for performance.
– Previous average: 4,500 milliseconds
– Average while hosting with FireHost: 600 milliseconds

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FireHost offers the most secure cloud hosting available, protecting sensitive data and brand reputations of some of the largest companies in the world. With infrastructure built for security, compliance, performance and scalability, responsible businesses choose FireHost to reduce risk and improve the collection, storage and transmission of their most confidential data. Secure cloud servers, available in Dallas, Phoenix, London and Amsterdam, offer robust, geographically redundant business continuity options across all sites. Based in Dallas, and funded by The Stephens Group, FireHost is the chosen secure cloud service provider for brands that won’t compromise on the security of their payment card and healthcare data. www.firehost.com.

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About Zeta Compliance Technologies

Zeta Compliance Technologies provides software solutions through ZetaSafe®, the market leading electronic legionella logbook that can be adapted for any kind of statutory or obligatory testing. Schedule and Collect data using PDA barcode readers or smartphones. Manage the status of your assets and monitor your compliance via your personalised ZetaSafe® dashboard on your tablet or PC and Share business critical information via powerful reporting tools. Our quality-driven approach delivers compliant operations, cost-effective solutions and complete peace of mind. www.zetasafe.com

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