Your customers are evolving their business models and are increasingly adopting cloud solutions. Many are transforming their IT environment and adopting hybrid and/or multi-cloud. It takes a different cybersecurity approach to meet compliance requirements and protect customer infrastructures as threat actors advance.


Capture the Cloud Security Market

Armor’s Global Partner Program equips MSP partners with the right solution, unique support, and specialized cloud security training needed to keep pace with their customers and gain new logos.

Armor will team with you to consult and provide customers with the best security strategy that fits their business.

Armor MSP Program Benefits

Revenue Stream

New Incentives and Go-to-Market Revenue Streams

New Leads

Drive New Leads to Your Pipeline with Customized Security Assessment


MSP Focused Cybersecurity Solution with Multi-Tenant Capabilities


New Cybersecurity Training and Certification Program

MSP Cybersecurity Solutions

Stop adjusting your business to accommodate new services. Armor provides you robust, flexible, and customizable security, aligned to your business objectives. With Armor Anywhere MSP partners get access to the following:

Multi-Tenant Management Capabilities

  • Onboard and manage new customers without the need to engage Armor
  • Manage your customers’ licenses and consolidate billing with ease
  • Full visibility into threats facing each of your customers’ environments

  • Pick which security capabilities within the stack is the right fit for your business need, whether you have existing investments or are hyper-focused on a particular use case.
  • Access and leverage to your portal with an API-first approach.
  • Leverage existing platforms such as your SIEM or workflow tools to ensure efficiency.

  • Use your security operation center (SOC), Armor’s SOC, or a combination of both – Armor can work with you based on where you are on the cybersecurity journey.
  • Include value-added services on top of the security capabilities provided with Armor.
  • Have access to your customer’s environment to provide them with the best advice.

  • Help your customers simplify compliance with cybersecurity capabilities that address various controls across many different regulatory frameworks, such as PCI, HIPAA/HITRUST, GDPR.
Grow your business

Grow Revenue by Partnering with Armor

  • Go-to-Market Pathways with Mutual Partners – Cloud Service Providers, Channel Partners, ISVs, and Master Agents
  • Curated co-marketing plans and support
  • Team with Armor sales and receive sales incentives
  • Marketing Development Funds (MDF) to grow your business your way
  • Supplementary services to enhance your portfolio of Managed Services across IT, DevOps, and DevSecOps

Become Armor Certified

Our Sales and Technical Certifications Empower You to:

  • Increase your sales; drive more pipeline
  • Target Enterprise and Mid-Market customers
  • Secure your customers in any environment
  • Reduce costs and streamline technology
  • Boost customer satisfaction

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