Proactive Security

Protect the Cloud

Protect an Expanding Attack Surface & Embrace the Cloud, Securely.

As organizations increase their cloud footprint, hackers have an increased attack surface to gain access to your data and workloads. With Armor you can expand to the cloud without increasing your risk.

The accidental and the intentional
Armor provides a holistic approach to reduce cyber risk for your workloads and data in the cloud.

Multi-layer defense-in-depth protection
Armor deploys a rich set of best-of-breed security capabilities in concert with cloud native tools to keep attackers at bay.

More compliance, less effort
Armor solutions help you quickly turn on compliance controls in the cloud.

Simplify Security

Simplify the Complexity of Security Operations

Multiple security tools, alert fatigue and false positives, and a multitude of dashboards and vendors there’s no possible way to monitor and manage all of them and take away from your most pressing priorities.

Scalable and portable protection
Armor protects your workloads wherever they may be.

24/7/365 security monitoring
We go well beyond tools. Armor provides expert oversight through our Security Operations Center.

Incident response
Our security experts make sense of the high priority alerts for you.

Security Anywhere
Security and Compliance

Prepare for Multi-Cloud

Be Ready for a Multi-Cloud World

As organizations adopt the cloud, they see advantages in using one cloud over another for one use case and vice versa. But you can pursue a multi-cloud strategy without bringing on multiple security headaches.

One policy, many environments
Armor’s Automated Security and Compliance and Armor Anywhere solutions allow organizations to apply one global policy to manage risk.

Many capabilities, one vendor
We help Security and DevOps teams reduce the complexities and time-suck of managing multiple sets of tools and dashboards.

One pane of glass for unified visibility
Armor gives Security and DevOps teams unified security and compliance visibility across workloads in any environment.

Enable DevOps

Enable DevOps With Security That Matches the Speed of Development

DevOps must be able to drive secure code development and deployment with as little friction and complexity as possible. Thankfully, you can now recommend solutions to that allow developers to provision new secure instances easily and quickly.

Speed and ease of deployment
Armor’s Armor Anywhere SECaaS solution is designed to turn up protection for workloads easily in minutes.

Integration into the SDLC; Not a bolt-on
Armor’s Armor Anywhere solution can be integrated into the SDLC for automated provisioning of protection.

Guide rails, not stop signs
Armor’s Automated Security and Compliance solution keeps developers operating within set policy limits without stopping their forward momentum.

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