Different industries, different rules — but the need for security never wavers.

Armor simplifies the struggle of data-driven organizations in every industry to effectively defend themselves against active cyber threats while also remaining compliant. Regardless of your security or compliance needs, we reduce your burden and help you exceed regulatory requirements.

Learn how Armor’s managed security services solve industry-specific data security challenges.



Armor Complete for Healthcare is a secure cloud infrastructure built specifically for HIPAA compliance via HITRUST that provides a safe haven for electronic healthcare records (EHR), electronic protected healthcare information (ePHI) and other sensitive data.

Armor has built its infrastructure specifically for security. It’s HIPAA-compliant and has helped us streamline the scope of our own internal audits.

Michael Frederick, Vice President, HITRUST
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Armor for Payments is a secure, PCI DSS compliant cloud that isolates critical data from the rest of an IT infrastructure and applies Armor’s unique multi-layered security to prevent devastating data breaches.

When dealing with payments and security, you never want to count pennies. And your customers don’t want you to. At the end of the day, it was the team at Armor that gave us the feeling that they were experts and serious about security.

Kurt Matis, CEO, FTNI

Intellectual Property

Armor Complete’s multi-layered security stack enables organizations that specialize in protecting intellectual property to manage access to their customer’s most valuable asset – their ideas.

By putting our trust in Armor, we returned our focus to our primary business: developing a revolutionary secure media platform. Selecting Armor immediately gave us credibility with regards to our back-end security.

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Michael Fahey, Founder and CEO, Armored Info
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Regulatory Compliance

Our innovative cloud security solutions are built with the highest level of data protection in mind and are capable of meeting any regulatory or compliance standard.

One major component of Innovum’s security posture is Armor Anywhere. Innovum needs to provide the active, around-the-clock monitoring that is needed when storing sensitive personal data in a database, and needs to react quickly to any suspicious activity.

Mark D. West, CEO, Innovum