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Join Forrester VP and Principal Analyst for cybersecurity, Dr. Chase Cunningham, and Forrester Sr. Consultant David Park, as they share how four U.S. companies, struggling to protect their sensitive applications and data from cyberthreats and accelerate compliance, solved their challenges by using Armor. The companies’ obstacles ranged from rising technology costs and a lack of cyber and compliance experts on staff, to security analysts being constantly inundated with threat alerts that were false positives.   

Forrester will detail how implementing Armor’s security platform Armor Anywhere not only solved these organizations’ security and compliance challenges, but it enabled them to achieve:  

  • 774% ROI Over 3 Years 
  • 64% Reduction in Security Technology Costs  
  • 60% Reduction in the Number of Compliance Personnel Needed   
  • 90% Reduction in Rate of False Positive Alerts  
  • $4.5 Million in New Revenue   

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