Innovate Quickly

Protect Digital Innovation in the Cloud

Secure FinTech Innovation at the Pace of Development

Give DevOps the tools to drive secure code development and deployment with as little friction and complexity as possible.

Speed and Ease of Deployment
Armor’s SECaaS solution is designed to turn up protection for cloud workloads easily in minutes.

Integration Into the SDLC; Not a Bolt-On
Armor’s solutions can be integrated into the SDLC for automated provisioning of protection.

Guide Rails, Not Stop Signs
Armor’s Automated Security and Compliance solution keeps FinTech developers operating within set policy limits without stopping their forward momentum.

Case Studies

Quint: Leading International Online Fintech Businesses in the Consumer Credit Sector, with Uncompromised Security

An Armor client since June 2017, Quint Group is a global multi award-winning operator of financial technology (fintech) businesses that uses proprietary technologies to power a portfolio of leading online fintech businesses in the consumer credit sector. Quint is based in the UK and with presence in the USA, Poland, China, South Africa and Australia. Learn more about how Armor helps Quint ensure the highest confidence to both their clients, and their five subsidiaries that their valuable data is both secure and compliant by downloading the case study.

Amy Bakameyer Image

Amy Bakameyer

Accelerate Compliance with Financial Regulations and Frameworks

Fundamentally Change how Compliance Gets Done

Secure your sensitive applications and data in the cloud while automating and accelerating compliance with financial regulations and frameworks.Drive faster, more efficient compliance outcomes through comprehensive and continuous compliance coverage.

Checks and Balances
Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance solution acts as a continuous ‘checks and balances’ on adherence of your environment to IT Security Policy.

Security for Your Workloads
Armor’s Armor Anywhere and Armor Complete solutions address key compliance controls associated with major financial regulations and frameworks.

Continuous Compliance for Compliance


"Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault." -Gartner


Realize a Positive Return on Investment

Security is an investment. You should expect a positive ROI.

Like any other investment, you should expect that security and compliance protections do what they’ve been billed as and that they don’t come at a cost to your go-to-market as your business transforms or launches new initiatives.

ROI for Secure Go-to-Market
Armor solutions deliver comprehensive security coverage at speed, reduce complexity and drive a positive return on investment.

Realized Efficiencies in Compliance
Armor solutions turn compliance into more a matter of automation and global policy management than a marshalling of teams.

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