Cloud security’s lifeblood is the data it is able to analyze for Indicators of Compromise. Logging solutions allow cloud users to collect and store log data for their environment across Operating Systems, Appliances, PaaS Solutions, etc. However, this data is proliferating at the speed of the cloud and it is hard to make sense of all the data we can get from logs. This webinar will explore how this log data can help users achieve a more accurate picture of the threat landscape in their environment and give them insight into how lessen the surface area of attack within their environment. How can I gather more context from my environment and turn it into actionable remediation efforts? How do logs help with event-driven security? What is unique about cloud logging? All these questions and more will be answered by one of Armor’s own Product Owners, Ryan Smith, as he dives into the technology and strategy behind the security value of logging data in the Cloud. 

During this webinar, attendees will learn: 

  • Different types of cloud logging solutions;
  • Compliance requirements for logging;
  • Security value of logs from different environmental sources (OS, PaaS, Appliances, etc.);
  • Correlation value in SIEMs from logs;
  • How robust logging paves the way for user behavior analytics;
  • How logs help secure containers and PaaS.