Six elements to maximize your cloud security and frustrate threat actors

The cloud is full of potential – but also unwanted guests. Threat actors of all skill levels and intentions seek to disrupt, destroy and derail your utilization of cloud hosting for your critical data workloads. How do you defend against this menace?

Well, luckily, this is where Armor steps in.

As the first Totally Secure cloud company™, we set a standard for maximizing your cloud investment and ensuring threat actors always end up empty handed. Listen to Jeff Schilling, chief security officer, Armor, explore our unique approach to cloud security, how we became Totally Secure and what it means for your vulnerable cloud resources.

In this one-hour webinar, participants will learn:

  • The six essential elements of a Totally Secure cloud company
  • Armor’s journey to Totally Secure
  • Tools and resources to help Armor your cloud

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