Rafal Los, VP of Solution Strategy at Armor, will join Optiv to lead a round table discussion with security professionals. This event is invite-only.

Topic: Securing Your Cloud without Slowing Down Your Business 

As businesses increasingly move workloads to the cloud, they do so in an environment where cyberattacks and threats are steadily on the rise—making strict security controls more important than ever. But, IT security strategy has largely lagged business adoption of cloud technology, making users wary of getting weighed down by security protocols. This places cybersecurity professionals in a tight spot: Secure your business but don’t slow it down.  

The challenge for cybersecurity professionals today is to reduce the friction between the need for speed and agility and the necessity of uncompromised security. In this discussion, we will follow a use-case based approach to identify recurring themes for security leaders, analyze them, and present real-world solutions. This talk will offer: 

  • Risk strategies and approaches that have proven valuable.​ 
  • Effective tools to implement to secure cloud workloads.
  • Next steps for security professionals to keep up with the speed of technology adoption in business, and get ahead of it.