Armor is sponsoring and presenting at the Information Systems Security Administration (ISSA) Northern Virginia Chapter Meeting in July . If you are in the area, join for this event.

Topic: Protecting Your Data: What You Need to Know about Cloud Security and the Dark Web

Effectively leveraging the cloud is not just about migrating data and applications. Security must travel into the cloud as well. When organizations fail to understand that security in the cloud is a shared responsibility, the consequences can be disastrous (and profitable for threat actors!). In this session, Armor will demonstrate the vulnerability of your unprotected data in the cloud via a real-world experiment using “honeypots” disguised as a healthcare web portal. You will learn:

  • The most likely attacks your organization will face
  • How active and dynamic security controls can mitigate risk
  • Simple steps you can take to prevent a breach
  • Why your data is so valuable on the Dark Web (findings from Armor’s Black Market Report)
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