The Economics of Cybersecurity

Companies today must be in compliance with many industry standards while also maintaining the security of their data. With ever-increasing risk to that data, breaches and leaks are now par for the course. As such, it’s not enough to rely solely on your CIO to divert your company from danger. Accounting and finance leaders play a crucial role in shoring up any binary cracks in the armor.

We’ve collaborated with Armor partner Embark to develop this eBook of best practices and tools for financial leaders and executives to navigate the cybersecurity landscape. Download for full access.

Part 1: Cybersecurity for Accounting and Financial Executives
Chapter 1: A Data Breach Can Cost You Dearly
Chapter 2: The Good Stuff: IT & Security Teams Can Provide a Powerful Defense
Chapter 3: More Good Stuff: How CFOs Can Mitigate Cyber Risk

Part 2: Effective Internal Audit Procedures

Chapter 4: A Phalanx of the Digital Front
Chapter 5: Diligence and Focus on Priorities Can’t Lose
Chapter 6: A Cautionary Tale