Data Archive Gateway

Secure your data workload from loss or hardware failure

Data sets are ever-increasing in quantities of unstructured data, including rich content like high-resolution images and video. Storing and securing these data sets result in enormous pressure on IT budgets and systems. Other factors are also important to consider like expanding business operations and regulatory compliance accelerating growth. With IT budgets and systems at their caps, how can modern business organizations deal with the dilemma of growing quantities of unstructured data?

Data Archive Gateway by Armor deploys an advanced, cost-effective archive solution that protects massive data sets from loss, hardware failure and other unpredictable disasters. The data gateway is supported by QStar Technologies Archive Manager software, allowing your business to relocate static and unchanging data to the cloud. Store data more securely while gaining easy access to archived data files on an ongoing basis.

Build a custom disaster recovery solution with Data Archive Gateway by Armor and secure your massive data sets. Learn more about how the Data Archive Gateway works by reading our “Disaster Recovery: Data Archive Gateway” datasheet. You can also search through our Knowledge Center for more infographics and resources to learn more about securing your data.