Continuous Data Replication

Protect your data from corruption with continuous data replication.

Having a reliable continuous data replication system is essential to secure disaster recovery for mission critical applications. Failure to maintain a continuous data replication can lead to a loss in business, service interruption and a harmed reputation. In fact, a recent study by the University of Texas Center for Research on Information Systems found that nearly 50% of organizations who lose their data through disaster will never re-open.

Armor’s continuous data replication is supported by Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) to deliver an enterprise-class hypervisor-based solution for proven business continuity. This cloud-based disaster recovery system offers organizations the flexibility and agility of a cloud-based infrastructure. It enables organizations to respond to changes quickly and is cost-effective when working to meet regulatory compliance.

Protect your organization from disaster with powerful continuous data replication from Armor. Learn more about the continuous data replication with our “Disaster Recovery: Continuous Data Replication” datasheet. You can also search through our Knowledge Center for more infographics and resources to learn more about securing your data.