Armor Vulnerability Scanning

Businesses must embrace digital change to remain relevant and to set the stage for future growth. Meanwhile, cybercriminals continue to up their game and create risk to businesses and their digital efforts. From personal health records to intellectual property and credit card numbers, they’re stealing valuable data, leaving the breached organization facing extreme consequences.

While regulatory compliance doesn’t guarantee security, it’s a critical step in reducing the risk of cyberattacks. Vulnerability scanning makes the often complex and daunting process of compliance easier.

Armor partners with approved scanning vendor (ASV), Rapid7, to deliver a vulnerability scanning service. This service helps customers navigate the complexities of compliance, bolster security, and reduce risk. Developed and used by auditors, the vulnerability scanning service can help you achieve PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance.

Our Vulnerability Scanning service enhances Armor’s Armor Anywhere Managed security-as-a-service and Armor Complete Secure Hosting (Optional) solutions to provide complete securty protection for your cloud, on-premise and hybrid workloads.  Learn more about vulnerability scanning and how it works by downloading our datasheet.