Armor Complete – Technical Solution Brief

As more organizations move their workloads into the cloud, taking advantage of the agility and accessibility of cloud-based services, cybersecurity becomes even more important. Generally, enhanced security isn’t perceived as agile or fast. Many IT teams believe they are mutually exclusive and hesitate to implement the stringent cybersecurity protocols required in today’s high-threat environment. Challenge accepted.

Armor Complete, our secure cloud-hosting platform doesn’t sacrifice agility for security—it delivers both. An Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, Armor Complete provides your business with real-time, on-demand cloud services that are secure from day one. Powered by Spartan, our proprietary threat prevention and response platform, you can rest easy knowing Armor Complete is your cloud workload security solution. Armor Complete, end-to-end protection for cloud workloads.

Download the Armor Complete Technical Solution Brief for an overview of Armor Complete’s security capabilities, add-ons, shared responsibility operating model, and details about the Spartan threat prevention and response platform and the Armor Management Portal. Visit our knowledge center for additional resources and information about security-as-a-service (SECaaS) and ensuring your data is protected and defended.