Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services for Resiliency and Predictability.

For most proactive organizations, data unavailability or application downtime can be majorly damaging to business. The organizations and their customers become susceptible to data loss, service interruption and lost sales with few companies able to recoup. According to the University of Texas Center for Research on
Information Systems, “nearly half of the companies that lose their data through disaster never re-open, and 90% are out of business within two years.” This makes having a data backup and recovery management system essential to modern business.

Armor’s backup services delivered on Armor Complete are tailored to each client environment – minimizing the impact of an outage, no matter the cause. We work with you to create an effective backup solution for predictable data coverage when and where you need it most.

Reinforce your organization’s cloud backup and data recovery plan with Armor. Learn more about the Disaster Recovery with our “Armor Advanced Backup Service” datasheet. You can also search through our Knowledge Center for more infographics and resources to learn more about securing your data.