Armor Anywhere: Shared Responsibility

Purpose-built to secure your data in the public cloud

Hosting your data in a public cloud is a cost-effective way to gain the benefits of raw infrastructure for large data workloads. However, in most public clouds, your organization is still tasked with the responsibility of managing your data environment and securing your data workloads. Armor unburdens your organization form these challenges under a shared responsibility model – sharing both the risk and responsibility for your data.

Purpose-built to protect you and your data, Armor Anywhere makes it easy to balance cybersecurity, cost-effectiveness and cloud accessibility. With Armor Anywhere, your data is secured by our world-class security operations center who are actively defending your data workloads, assets and applications by leveraging distinct security controls. Learn more about Armor Anywhere and our shared responsibility model by downloading our “Shared Responsibility” data sheet. You can also search through our Knowledge Center for more infographics and resources to better secure your data.