Armor Anywhere – AWS

Cybersecurity for the AWS Cloud Platform

Operating in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud has many cost, time and flexibility advantages that are unique to a public cloud. Organization utilizing AWS Cloud can enjoy the benefits of a scalable data infrastructure and immediate access to experts without the expensive management costs that come with it. However, many public clouds like AWS will leave most of the responsibility for cybersecurity to the organization. Meaning, you will need to piece together an effective security program that meets regulatory compliance requirements and can mitigate growing cyberthreats.

As a leader in data security, Armor Anywhere for AWS offers organizations data security without the additional headcount or burden to your IT team. Not only will your organizations save time with Armor’s streamlined cybersecurity program, you’re also free from the complexity of bringing in a security operations task force.

Protect your data in the AWS cloud from cybersecurity threats with Armor Anywhere for AWS. Download our, “Armor Anywhere – Security: Managed Security for Amazon Web Services” datasheet for an overview on our services. You can also search through our Knowledge Center for more infographics and resources to learn more about securing your data.