ThinkTank is Managing the Brainstorm

Putting collective intelligence to work.

ThinkTank is the leading the Collective Intelligence Movement with collaboration software that allows ideas in large-scale organizations to be judged on their merits and not on job titles. The software acts as a launching point for organizations to customize their meetings and overcome unique collaborative challenges. Organizations can then engage with a collective intelligence of ideas and solutions, allowing them to fully leverage their potential to innovate. However, before ThinkTank could change the way organizations collaborate, they needed a hosting environment capable of supporting its growing clientele and product offerings.

For ThinkTank to achieve the level of scalability they need, they selected Amazon Web Service (AWS) as their primary hosting platform. With their cloud hosting strategy in place, ThinkTank needed a security solution to protect their client’s innovative ideas and personally identifiable information (PII) from cyberthreats. This is when ThinkTank reached out to Armor for their “one-stop shop” Armor Anywhere solution. Learn more about ThinkTank’s journey in working with AWS and Armor’s Armor Anywhere solution by reading our “ThinkTank is Managing the Brainstorm” case study.