New York Cruise Lines: Enhancing Passenger Experiences with Managed Cloud Security

Cybersecurity is smooth sailing with Armor Anywhere.

Securing your customer’s information from cyberattacks is difficult enough within a hybrid cloud environment. Adding to the challenge faced by New York Cruise Lines (NYCL), a leading travel, tourism, entertainment and restaurant business, were their 25 virtual machines for processing payment workloads. With so many customers accessing the organization’s online resources, finding the balance between information security and user-friendliness were two key priorities.

Armor stepped in to help protect critical aspects of NYCL’s hybrid cloud environment through managed security solution, Armor Anywhere. The solution provides 24/7/365 monitoring with malware protection, vulnerability scans and more. Thanks to Armor, NYCL can extend the benefits of their managed hybrid cloud security to their customers as they enjoy their vacations without worry.

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