FacilitySource: Trust the Source

Elite Enterprise-level data security management.

When Fortune 100 brands need facility maintenance services, FacilitySource leads the pack with their elite level of security, performance, and ease-of-use. FacilitySource serves as a partner and consultant that specializes in facility management, store support and incident handling for multi-site organizations. By leveraging technology to power solutions, FacilitySource can meet critical client requirements. However, this also meant FacilitySource needed technologies that allowed its operation to scale securely and quickly.

Enterprise-level brands have made server and data security management a major focal point during preliminary customer discussions with FacilitySource. For the time, FacilitySource’s legacy co-location infrastructure served the needs of the organization and its many customers. FacilitySource has brought worked with mid-level hosting vendors in the past to bring their server infrastructure into the modern age, but their vendors were just that – a vendor.

FacilitySource needed a true partner that was not only ready to fuel its virtualization, but do so in a professional manner with security and management as top priorities. When FacilitySource realized their three key requirements for their new provider – security, virtualization and around-the-clock managed cloud services – Armor was there to answer and exceed expectations. Learn more about FacilitySource and how Armor led their virtualization by reading our, “Trust the Source” Case Study.