Tuesday’s keynote from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference discussed the cost of cyberthreats and the pressing need for more security features to keep sensitive data safe.

This was a very constructive conversation focused on a “point” security strategy—concentrating resources on the actual devices PCs, tablets, etc. Across its product line, Microsoft is investing in and committed to this approach. While this is an important security component, it is even more critical to protect data from a more holistic standpoint.

WPC16To successfully thwart today’s sophisticated attacks, there must be an orchestrated strategy to go beyond addressing security from issue to issue and attack to attack. Fixing application holes on a per case basis isn’t sustainable or practical. Instead, vulnerabilities should be tackled on the design and architecture levels to ensure favorable outcomes.

By aligning security processes with the unique business outcomes companies are trying to achieve, infrastructures ranging from cloud platforms to internal IT environments can be calibrated to concentrate resources on which data needs to be protected the most.
Unfortunately, this is no small task. No amount of investment in the latest tool or technology will be effective without available security experts who can actually use these solutions to eradicate attacks.

In short, Microsoft’s suggested security approach is unquestionably on the right track, but the broader aspect of applying technology in an orchestrated manner is essential to keep the modern enterprise safe. Sound security needs a maestro or risk a whole organization playing out of tune.