The cloud security standard we have established as the First Totally Secure Cloud Company™ is based on six distinct elements. Chris Drake, Armor Founder & CEO, discusses the first of these, Experience in Cloud & Security, as part of a multi-part series exploring each unique elements of this standard.
Q: What does Totally Secure mean to you?

Chris Drake:

For me Totally Secure means two things:

1) That our customers can sleep at night knowing that Armor’s managed security is protecting them. We employ processes that have been proven and tested extensively over the years and all of it’s powered by the best security talent you can find.

2) From a competitive perspective, Totally Secure is a challenge to all security vendors – especially those claiming to fully protect their customer when they’re not. I hope that they sweat when they hear Armor’s Totally Secure message and the proof that supports it.

Q: When did Armor’s evolution to the first Totally Secure cloud company begin?

Chris Drake:

This journey began when we built the first Totally Secure Cloud™, Armor Complete. It was created in response to what we perceived as a serious lack of reliable security solutions built for the cloud. Everything out there treated cloud security as an afterthought, not something cloud-ready organizations could rely on to protect their “crown jewels.” We wanted to change that paradigm and provide not just a better way to safeguard these assets, but also redefine what it meant to be secure in the cloud.

Q: How has this evolution continued?

Chris Drake:

This has led us beyond just securing critical data workloads on our own cloud to providing this same level of protection for any cloud through Armor Anywhere. It enables us to take those security capabilities perfected in-house and use them to defend our customers on any hosting environment, including public cloud resources like AWS and Azure.

Q: How does our experience in both cloud & security lead to better security outcomes?

Chris Drake:

Our entire approach to security was built for the cloud from day one. By combining these two areas of expertise, we ensure that we’re light, efficient and have the flexibility to support any platform. We like to tell prospects that they are working with an organization they can implicitly trust with their vital data. We live and breathe managed security – handling these responsibilities so they can focus on their business goals.

Q: What’s next for Armor and our customers?

Chris Drake:

We seek to continue delivering the technology, processes and incredible talent we’ve built our reputation on so that our customers can continue to build the next step in their application, the next smart car, etc. Whatever is in their future, we are built to secure it.

Next week: Understanding Totally Secure #2: Managed and Proactive with Jeff Schilling, CISO, Armor