Vice President of Product Management, Ozan Talu, discusses the best-of-breed cloud technologies and integrated & automated elements of Totally Secure.

 Q: What does Totally Secure mean to you?

Ozan Talu: Ultimately, it means one thing: Trust.

Security is the currency of trust. When we say we’re Totally Secure, it means that our customers can rest assured that they – and ultimately, their end customers – are fully protected from threats.

It’s similar to the trust inherent in the “social contract” we operate according to in our everyday lives – one we expect others to follow. For example, when driving 70 mph on the highway, we trust that whoever is in the next lane is going to follow the same rules we do. We trust they’re not going to swerve into us.

Applying this standard to our new digital world accentuates the importance of relationships built on trust. Business owners depend on customers’ confidence when collecting sensitive information. They expect this data will be protected.

So, when trust is eroded, the digital world we live in collapses. Customers are no longer able to trust companies that suffer massive data breaches, and these companies lose customers as a result. While the average financial cost of a data breach is $4 million, a breach can cost a lot more in terms of public trust.

Totally Secure means that Armor protects our customers’ reputation so they can enjoy trust-based digital revenue streams.

Security is the currency of trust. When we say we’re Totally Secure, it means that our customers can rest assured that they – and ultimately their end customers – are fully protected from threats.

Ozan Talu, VP of Product Management, Armor

Q: How does being Totally Secure differentiate Armor?

Ozan Talu: Unlike other cybersecurity providers who focus on passing compliance audits, Armor focuses on cloud security outcomes. Our mission is preventing data breaches security breaches. Compliance is the result of our approach, not the driving force.

Secondly, we were born out of the cloud. We understand the cloud delivery model and know how to provide security in the cloud. Our approach ensures that our customers are protected in the cloud.

Q: How does our use of best-of-breed cloud technologies power our integrated & automated solutions?

Ozan Talu: Our integrated security stack, built using the best available cloud technologies, focuses on minimizing threat surface. We don’t just rely on signature-based protection. We also offset the dynamic nature of the threat landscape with active, managed detection through our security operations center (SOC).

Armor develops cloud-native solutions that are able to dynamically inspect incoming traffic and activate adaptable policies that block threat actors from gaining access to customer data.

Q: How do we continue to develop in this regard? What’s next?

Ozan Talu: Securing the cloud is a chess game—only the board is constantly shifting. Threat actors are always developing new capabilities as technology advances. While IoT (Internet of Things) offers exciting possibilities for technology, IoT devices also open up new entry points for attack. Experts project that by 2020, there will be more than 30 billion IoT devices worldwide.

In order to fully secure the cloud, you need to be several steps of threat actors. Cloud-native technology platforms such as Azure OMS, AWS and Google Cloud facilitate innovation, but can also cause security risks. We are constantly evaluating these technologies and exploring ways to better integrate Armor’s Security Platform with these cloud services.

Q: What does this mean for our customers or prospects with sensitive cloud data workloads? What’s the biggest benefit?

Ozan Talu: One day soon, the public cloud won’t be measured with adaptation percentages. Using the cloud will be as casual as driving a car 70 miles per hour on the highway.

As we move toward that future, organizations need a security partner who will protect their customers’ data in the public cloud. Armor understands what drives business success: it’s trust.

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