What does it take to be secure in the cloud?

It’s a question that more and more organizations are asking themselves as they embrace hybrid and public cloud hosting for their data workloads. The rise of the cloud has brought with it amazing possibilities for increased application performance and cost benefits. However, these operational advantages bring new risks as threat actors seek to exploit this transition.

When looking for a solution to defend against cyber threats like malware, phishing and social engineering, another challenge emerges: The overabundance of available security technologies and providers. This overwhelming amount of indistinguishable options can create more confusion than clarity, often leaving organizations “feeling secure” instead of actually being secure – all to the benefit of threat actors. An experienced, managed approach is needed to safely utilize the cloud for your critical data workloads.

This is where Armor stands apart.

Armor is the First Totally Secure Cloud CompanyTM

No other cloud security provider or DIY tool can deliver this level of managed security and compliance in the cloud. It’s a distinction we wear proudly – and a challenge we never back down from. But what does it mean to be Totally Secure? 

Defining a standard

Totally Secure is the culmination of six distinct and integrated elements that enable us to redefine what it means to be secure in the cloud. These are elements every organization should demand from their cloud security provider, regardless of where their workloads are hosted.

The six mandatory elements of Totally Secure Cloud CompanyTM are:

  • Experience in Cloud and Security
  • Managed Security Services
  • Proactive Threat Management
  • Best-of-Breed Technologies
  • Integrated and Automated
  • Outcome-driven and Transparent

1. Experience in Cloud and Security 

Being Totally Secure starts with our origin and experience. We’ve been subject matter experts in both cloud and security since our founding. We know that protection must be integrated and not added on as an afterthought. It’s also why we’re able to secure any cloud, anywhere – including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

2. Managed Security Services

In an era of self-serve security tools, the human element still matters. The experts in our security operation center (SOC) act as an extension of your team, ensuring 24/7/365 support and defense for your cloud. The push our technology to its limits to keep your cloud secure.

Meet the experts in the Armor Security Operations Center.

3. Proactive Threat Management

The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving.  A “wait and see” approach is not enough to protect your data workloads from persistent and increasingly sophisticated threats. That’s why we monitor more than 150 threats feeds and 500,000 bad guy forums, as well as every corner of the Dark Web. It keeps us more than a step ahead.

Sign up for the monthly Armor Threat Intelligence Briefing and see our advanced threat intelligence in action.

4. Best-of-Breed Technologies

Our solutions were purpose-built for the cloud. This approach lessens the burden of compliance and security, forcing threat actors out of the kill chain regardless of the hosting environment, including native tools – e.g. Trend Micro, Qradar.

5. Integrated and Automated

Our integrated and automated solutions help us identify and focus on actual threats to customer environments, instead of chasing false positives. The best part: this all culminates in a cycle of continual improvement – improving our defenses network-wide after each successfully blocked attack.

6. Outcome-driven and Transparent

In addition to helping you stay secure and compliant, we bring security out of the “black box” by providing transparent, real-time results through the Armor Management Portal. This single-pane of glass view ensures you can view your Armor-protected workloads in real time and scale your defenses quickly and easily.

The importance of Totally Secure

Your cloud data workloads and applications are too important and threat actors too efficient for you to rely on anything less than a Totally Secure. When it comes to proof that this standard works, we could point to our 99.9999% protection ratio or 286% ROI*– but ultimately the best measure of success is the confidence our customers have in the protection of their cloud data workloads.

Where to start?

 Contacting our cloud security experts is the first step in armoring your cloud to be Totally Secure. We’re always available to chat about your security and compliance goals, and how we can help you achieve them.